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First World/Third World

Right now I’m reading The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai. It’s wonderful, and it’s accomplishing one of the most important things that I think a book should do: putting theory into story. The theories and ideas at work here are those of globalization, racism, immigration, poverty and more: topics that INTEREST me academically but COMPEL me personally and in reality. 

I’m not done with the book, but so far I’ve been struck by a certain passage so much that I’ve thought about it almost daily. Probably because I’m part-time job hunting. Biju, the person mentioned in the excerpt, is a recent Indian illegal immigrant working in New York City restaurants. 

Biju at the Baby Bistro.

Above, the restaurant was French, but below in the kitchen it was Mexican and Indian.

Biju at Le Colonial for the authentic colonial experience.

On top, rich colonial, and down below, poor native. Colombian, Tunisian, Ecuadorian, Gambian.

On to the Stars and Stripes Diner. All America flag on top, all Guatemalan flag below.

Plus one Indian flag when Biju arrived. 

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