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A Summer Blog’s Official Retirement Post

Hey there, two or three people who come here every day… and people who come from Brian’s blog.. hello!

Yeah, this blog was enjoyable, but I haven’t read a book for fun since August. Nor have I been able to expel decent thoughts for anything but assignments since the semester commenced. Now that it’s almost over, it’s gotten worse. Maybe I read and write some over winter break? Let’s not count on it.

For now, I would like to announce this blog’s official retirement. Good night and good luck? Maybe see you next summer!


Lydia and the Annual Re-read

Harry Potter is a great series. Yes. Yes it is. It may not be brilliantly written, but it’s imaginative, funny and it has a lot of depth. I’ve decided that the Half-Blood Prince (6) is my favorite. Horcruxes! Voldermort! Pensives! Woo!

…We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled slightly-academic-or-at-least-better-than-this-entry entries as soon as my head gets out of Harry Potter Land and lands back in the real world. Give it a few days.