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I don’t think that blogging is my Personal Legend…

Yes, I know. I rarely blog. Maybe this isn’t the thing for me? The idea of a blog about books means that I have to be reading books, and while I always am, I’ve been a little slow lately with finishing books. My life is a little insane at the moment.

I did, however, just read a really good (and short!) book called The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. If I had the book on me right now, I’d write about it. (Although I am at work, so maybe I shouldn’t be saying that…). It was a wonderful story about how everyone has their own ‘Personal Legend’ that is intended for them to carry out, and while most people know theirs, they do not seek it out and instead settle for a stable, boring, socially respectable life. It was a great book for me to read because when I think about my future, I do tend to struggle- should I go for the already established (possibly high paying) yet potentially not as exciting job, or should I set out on my own and try to establish something just for me based on what I think is important (a path that wouldn’t pay..)? In The Alchemist, the main character found that when you set out to fulfill your Personal Legend, the world will help you on your path- because what you are doing is what you are supposed to be doing. The book had a lot of very religious elements, which I liked. It was also written in a beautiful, simple style. A perfect book for the metro! 

Huh, looks like I just wrote about it without meaning to! I’ll continue my little housekeeping bit in another post…


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  1. * victoriatravels says:

    Ohhhh I love that book. So good. I absolutely devoured it. This summer he came out with another one, but I haven’t read it yet. On the to-do list!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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